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How to optimize the effectiveness of your presentation: Quick tip #5

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Organization = Optimization

Have you ever tried to present an idea without good planning? Running too many ideas together… Not succinctly summarizing EXACTLY what you want to convey… Adding in unnecessary information, and, in turn, watching the eyes of your audience glaze over with confusion? It is not a pretty picture is it? DON’T let this happen to you! Effective organization of your presentation is essential in terms of optimizing the overall effectiveness of your presentation itself. If you, or your presentation accompaniments, are scattered and unorganized, your audience will most likely not be able to follow what you want them to, leaving everyone frustrated and confused.

Quick tip #5: Organization and Location makes a perfect presentation!​

It should come as no surprise that when you get up in front of a group of people, you should know exactly WHAT you are going to say, and HOW you are going to say it. Preparing a good script with​ relevant information​ is crucial in terms of effectively presenting whatever it is that you are planning to present. The last thing you want to do is overload your audience with information they don’t really need. Stick to the essentials and present like you are the expert in your field (i.e make sure you practice what you are going to say prior to your presentation). If this is done, the audience will be left with a clear understanding of what you want from them. Just as you should be organized, so should your presentation accompaniments. If you are doing a slide show or a video, for example, don’t scatter your images at will. Place characters and objects close together on your slides to show that they are related to what you are saying, and not just randomly placed. Grouping objects together in a clear and organized way will further support your idea and message.

effective presentations, how to effectively present, public speaking, slide shows, marketing ideas, training, presentation how to

As you can see from the left hand slide, the images are carelessly thrown together which could both distract and confuse the audience. Two things you do NOT want to have happen when you are presenting. The images on the right hand side, however, are carefully placed, numbered, evenly spaced, and add a very nice sense of professionalism and organization to your presentation. This image won’t distract the audience, and it is a visual aid that could enhance the message you are trying to send.

In conclusion, take time to plan your presentations; don’t just throw something together last minute. With preparation and organization there’s no way you can fail!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Quick tip #6 (For the previous Quick tip click here)

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