Animated Videos vs. Live-Action Videos

If you’re a marketer in the digital age, odds are you know that video content should play an important role in your strategy. Research confirms that approximately 91% of businesses across a range of industries already use video in their marketing campaigns….

What Are the Main Stages of Video Production?

Whether in charge of marketing for a major enterprise or running a one-person operation, you can no longer ignore the importance of generating video content for your target audience. Surveys indicate 92% of marketers who release video content see a strong return…

How to Make Video Quality Better

Video is among the most popular forms of media for both businesses and individuals in the digital age. That said, as video content becomes increasingly widespread, standing out among the crowd can also become increasingly challenging. There are many ways…

Why Businesses Must Protect L&D Budgets to Continue Growth

If you’re worried about an upcoming recession in 2023 and how it will affect your organization’s budget, you’re not alone. Many Learning & Development leaders like you are facing budget cuts during the economic downturn.  But the truth is, in…

Preventing Meeting Fatigue by Screen Recording

Keeping your workers enthusiastic and guarding against fatigue should be among your top priorities as a manager or business owner. Unfortunately, one of the most common sources of fatigue among employees is linked to one of the most common workplace…

How To Make A Video Resume With Powtoon Capture

Video resumes have become an increasingly popular tool for job seekers to stand out in the hiring process. With video resumes, applicants are able to showcase their personality, communication skills, creativity, past work accomplishments, and experiences in a much more dynamic…

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