Different Animation Styles To Know

Animation has become a central part of our culture, from creating some of the most loved and adored movies of all time to being used in marketing strategies all the way to creating adverts for customers to connect with. The…

A Guide to Script Writing for Animated Videos

Animation may have existed for quite some time now, but thanks to tools like Powtoon’s animation maker, it’s now easier than ever for both individuals and organizations to animate their own video content, even if they have next to no experience…

The Evolution and History of Animation

Animation has a rich and fascinating history, stretching back more than a century to the early days of film. From the first hand-drawn animations to the latest computer-generated imagery (CGI), animation styles have evolved remarkably, from simple flickering images to…

Why Animated Videos are Key to Businesses in 2023

Video content is playing an increasingly important role in the marketing campaigns and internal communications of businesses across a range of industries. In fact, a recent survey indicates that approximately 96% of all marketers consider video to be a significant component…

Best Fonts for Presentations in 2023

Even if you’re not a graphic design geek, you can probably recognize and name a few of the world’s most famous fonts. Times New Roman, for example, will be familiar to anyone who used Microsoft Word in the early 2000s….

Tips for Giving a Powerful Interview Presentation

Covid-19 has overturned the hiring process, with most companies opting for virtual interviews rather than face-to-face ones. A recent hiring trend is the emerging popularity of interview presentations among hiring managers. Statistics show that 76% of hiring managers find attracting the…

How to Write a Video Script

George Clooney once admitted that it is impossible for him to make a good movie out of a bad script, although the reverse is possible. A movie could have a big budget, a stellar cast, great cinematography, and amazing promotion,…

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