What are the ultimate features of a great online video editor?

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So you have come to the decision to make an epic video creation of your insanely awesome idea, and now you have to decide which is the best online video editor. Tough choices right? How are you supposed to know what to look for in order to determine which is the best online video editor?

Well good thing we are about to run through what are the ultimate features of the best online video editor! 

User Friendly

One of the most important features of an online video editor, regardless of what the interface includes, it needs to be user friendly. There is no point having all the fancy tools if you sit there staring at the screen wondering how to begin. Having a simple, user friendly and easy to use interface defines a great online video editor. Something as simple as a platform offering a drag and drop editing feature makes it the best kind of platform to work with!

Additionally, having access to guides and tutorials helping navigate the interface is really important in ensuring you have a seamless experience creating your video. 


With the normality of a hybrid workforce, or you are away on vacation and didn’t bring your laptop with you, you want to make sure you always have access to your video editing platform. The ability to access your video editing platform from any gadget, anywhere, anytime allows you to continue your video editing with ease!


Obviously what are the main things you are looking for in the best online video editor? The tools it includes! This means access to videos, images and audio in order to spruce up your video creation. 

When creating a video you want to make sure you can express your idea visually and with the right audio background. Importing external videos is a feature of a good online video editor, as it gives you the ability to explore all the options of being able to visually portray your idea. Additionally, having access to a library of images on the interface itself, as well as being able to upload your own from an external source allows for maximal creativity. 

And what completes a great video? The audio background. The best online video editors will have an array of audio choices to have in the background of your video, or better yet the ability to voice record, which is a great feature when creating an infographic style video. When creating a video you want to make sure there is no limit to your creativity! That is the mark of the best online video editors. What kind of creative elements are features you should be looking out for? 

Having an array of templates already created and ready for you to edit and make into your own is a great feature as it gives you a baseline and direction as to how you want to present your video. Having unlimited animations is also a creative and fun way to bring your video to life, and the best online video editor will offer an array of animations to jazz up your video. 

Other cool features would include the ability to screen record your video, for example Powtoon’s Screen Capture is a creative way to express yourself, with the ability to record both yourself and your screen at the same time! 

Ability to Share

After creating your awesome video, where is the fun in it if you can’t share it around? What makes an online video editor the best online video editor is the feature and ability to share your creation around. You don’t limit your sharing abilities. The best online video editor would allow for you to post your video on all social media platforms, or for you to download and share via Whatsapp, email or any other method you can think of! 

And now you are ready to decide

Now with your handy dandy guide to the ultimate features of the best online video editors, you can now make your decision. And a little helping hand in the process, Powtoon is here offering all of the ultimate features, just to make your decision a little easier 😉

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