Why You Should Use Video for Employee Appreciation

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Letting your employees know you appreciate them goes way above giving out gift cards or appreciation gifts and has a huge effect on your company’s performance and staff satisfaction. Studies and surveys confirm that sincere and consistent recognition has a major impact on engagement.

It is crucial to learn how you can use video to celebrate your team members. Producing and sharing an employee thank you video is a great way to acknowledge your team members for their hard work. It is an effective tool for showing appreciation as it can be shared easily and widely, allowing everyone to see the thankfulness of management or colleagues. It also provides an opportunity to create something unique that employees will remember long after they watch it. Here are some practical tips and examples you can start to implement.

Employee Appreciation Ideas

Don’t underestimate the importance of letting your employees know how grateful you are for the work they do. Research shows that showing appreciation can play a significant role in employee engagement and can boost morale. When employees are more engaged, they’re more productive, yielding measurable benefits for a company.

Visual content is a powerful tool to thank your staff in a truly meaningful, personal way. Here are some employee appreciation ideas that you can try out: 

Thank You Videos for Employees

A thank you video can be an effective means of acknowledging an individual employee for their contributions to the company. A thank you video may be stronger than an email for the following reasons:

  • It can be easily shared with coworkers and other people in the company, demonstrating to others that this is the type of company where hard work is recognized;
  • It is a tangible reminder of appreciation;
  • Most importantly, it provides an immediate emotional response.

That’s a critical point. Video can incorporate visual elements and music to create a powerful emotional impact in a manner that an email can’t achieve. Creating them takes more time than writing an email. This tells a recipient you truly value their work and do not take them for granted.

Use Video to Highlight Employee and Staff Successes

Teamwork makes the dream work and video content is a big part of it. Don’t be afraid to use it for employee recognition and appreciation of your team’s hard work. The more personalized your message the better.

For example, on employee appreciation day you could create a presentation-style video of photos and achievements from the last year. You could also use it to thank teams for their good work and dedication at corporate events such as charity drives or other activities. These actions may serve two purposes. Along with recognizing teams and showing gratitude, they can reflect the company culture,  which will help attract and retain talent. It’s a win-win.

Employee recognition and appreciation videos also offer practical updates on the company’s status. When employees see that teams have completed projects, they’ll feel confident the company is on track to meet its goals. it is a great way to motivate, boost engagement in the workplace, and increase dedication.

A General Staff Appreciation Thank You Video at the End of the Year

It’s not uncommon for companies to send out appreciation emails, showing gratitude and thanking employees at the end of the year. They are a crucial tool in reminding their entire workforce that their hard work doesn’t go unacknowledged. This year, consider sending a video instead of an email. It might require some additional effort, but it can be an incredibly powerful way to thank employees. You can include cute employee appreciation quotes, highlight their unique skills, celebrate teamwork and collaboration, and mention their creativity and hard work. It will create reinforce appreciation for their hard work in a creative and fun way.

Employee Appreciation Ideas:

Hosting a weekly happy hour, celebrating the annual employee appreciation day, and giving out cool company swag, gifts, and cookies are all part of creating a positive workplace and improving employee satisfaction. However, consistent and sincere recognition is even more important because it is a personalized gesture that shows that you value and recognizes the individual’s hard work. Studying examples of appreciation videos and different employee appreciation messages from competitors and other organizations can help you come up with your own unique and fun video ideas. Youtube also has a lot to offer when it comes to employee recognition ideas. However, the easiest way is to use ready-made templates. Whether you are thanking your co-workers, team leaders, managers, interns, or other staff members Powtoon video templates have got you covered. Let’s have a look at some creative ways you can celebrate your hard-working staff.

  • A Narrative Thank You: These types of video clips tell a story and thank your staff for their hard work by highlighting the impact that their work has had on the company.
  • An Animated Thank You: This is another great way to thank employees in a meaningful way. Instead of featuring real-life footage, you can thank employees with a unique animation. Animated videos could be a fun and unique way to express your appreciation. You can shout out an employee of the month, share a company’s accomplishments, or celebrate an important client acquisition. The Powtoon platform has lots of customizable templates available.
  • Slideshow Thank You: This may be the simplest way to celebrate your staff’s excellent work because it only requires photos and music. You can thank each employee individually or thank the entire staff together. 

These ideas work no matter if you thank the staff that works in the office or remote employees. The key is to thank your co-workers in a personal and memorable way. This will help show employees that their contributions are critical to your company’s success and that you truly appreciate them. 

The Importance of Quality When Creating Employee Appreciation Messages

When appreciation videos are done right, they can be incredibly rewarding and inspire employees. But poorly-made employee appreciation messages can undermine the intended message and have the opposite effect. So make sure the quality is top. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to have a whole production budget or a dedicated production staff to create effective employee appreciation videos. Powtoon offers templates and various other resources to help both professionals and novices create content that yields impressive results. Shows employees that they’re not only doing a great job but that they are valued members of the company. Request a demo and start for free today!

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