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”Powtoon’s visual communication platform has helped us achieve greater employee understanding of — and engagement with — our company transformation by enabling us to tell the story of that transformation in a vibrant, dynamic, and engaging way.”

Chris Taylor, Internal Communications Consultant,
Southern Water

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As part of their digital transformation initiative, Southern Water wanted to increase the use of visual communication to clearly show the benefits of new processes and train employees in new ways of working in an engaging and dynamic way. They employed Powtoon to break through to a modern and distributed workforce by using visual communications. The result: Broad adoption and commitment resulting in over £480 million in savings.

Southern Water Digital Transformation
Success Video Created Using Powtoon

”We needed flexibility in terms of what we could create. Whether it’s fully animated films or bringing a few visual flourishes into our own footage, Powtoon enables us to create professional, engaging content which fully aligns with our brand. ”

Chris Taylor, Internal Communications Manager
Consultant, Southern Water

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Visual Communications at
Southern Water

Visual communications allow Southern Water to clearly show the benefits of new processes and train employees in new ways of working in an engaging and dynamic way. Initiative rollouts, training videos, and key updates easily plug into their company intranet and Facebook Workplace platforms.

Change Management

Southern Water leveraged Powtoon to preserve and share knowledge, break down complex ideas, and harness resilience and ingenuity in the face of change.

Digital Transformation

After garnered commitment and understanding from the staff, they were able to implement transformation initiatives. Southern Water saw those initiatives actually succeed with clear, engaging Powtoon videos to retrain their team.

Developing Staff

Southern Water digitized existing training content, created microlearning, and developed their staff into the leaders of tomorrow with visual communications.

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