online video editing software can take your internal communications to the next level

3 Ways Online Video Editing Software Can Take Your Internal Communications to the Next Level

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Are you frustrated with the low open rate of your internal communications? Do you feel like employees don’t understand important concepts or procedures? Are you tired of sharing the same information over and over, only to feel like nobody’s listening? It’s time to change your delivery! While the prospect of creating video comms seems daunting, an online video editing software makes it easy. Here are three reasons to make the switch.

Benefits of Online Video Editing Software

1. Efficiency

It’s much more efficient to share internal information visually than through traditional text-based comms. It transmits information in a way that aligns with most people’s learning styles since 65% of the workforce are visual learners. It also disseminates information in a way they WANT to consume; Forbes found that 59% of executives prefer watching a video over reading text. And finally, visual displays of information increase clarity and retention. Simple face-to-camera videos enhanced with infographics, flow charts, or graphs help you share information more effectively and with fewer words. When you’re sending internal comms that speak to your employees’ learning style, align with their preferred way to consume information, and help them absorb the information easier and more quickly, it increases their chance of watching it – rather than being buried in their inbox with all of the clutter.

2. Frequency

Online video editing software makes creating video messages easy. It’s no longer a costly, time-consuming, and daunting task that requires specialized technical skills or an industry professional. With the click of a button and the help of a professionally designed template, anyone can record a message and craft it into a respectable video. You may even spend less time polishing a video message than you would spend reading through that carefully-crafted company-wide email for the fifth time, making sure every word is perfect. 

Because it’s so easy, frequent video messages from key company players can become part of your internal communication strategy. Employees will feel more connected to leadership, executives can display more of their “human” side, and shared information will be more consistent across departments and locations. 

3. Accessibility

Online video editing software makes your internal communications more accessible in several different ways. First, employees gain access to first-hand information even if they aren’t in the same place as the leadership. Second, employees can replay video messages as needed to understand announcements, review instructions, or clarify expectations. And finally, built-in technology such as captions, text highlights, and timestamps ensure that employees will have easy access to the details that pertain to them – even if they don’t give it their full attention.

The Online Video Editing Software for All Your Communication Needs

Ready to take your internal communications to the next level? Powtoon is the online video editing software you need! Choose a professionally designed template to offer visual consistency among all your comms, customize each video with your company logo or curated character families, and enhance your spoken words with infographics, charts, kinetic typography, or animations. Improve your viewership rate, information retention, and strengthen your company culture and connectivity. Embed your video directly in an email or invite engagement by using Powtoon’s unique platform. Discover the benefits you didn’t even know you’ve been missing. Try it for free!

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