Powtoon & Canva Integration

Collaborate on Powtoon videos in Microsoft Teams

Add the Powtoon app to Microsoft Teams so you can easily create, share, edit, and get feedback on videos in one collaborative workspace.

Loved By:

  • Conagra Brands
  • American Express
  • NASA
  • Dell
  • Virgin Group
  • Pfizer

See it in action

Discover how you can start creating, sharing, and collaborating on Powtoon videos directly in Microsoft Teams.

Easily import your design

Create, edit, and organize your videos

Bring your video creation process into the Microsoft Teams environment. Start from scratch, customize hundreds of professional templates, and organize your videos in team folders.

Align with your brand

Share videos via channels and chats

No more copy-pasting links or exporting videos to MP4. Share videos right within Teams, inviting people to view and engage with your content.

Easily import your design

Collaborate on videos from your Teams tab

Ensure seamless collaboration on your next video project. Open a ‘Powtoon’ tab in Microsoft Teams so everyone in your channel can access your shared video library.

Powtoon + Microsoft Teams FAQs


Can you create videos in Microsoft Teams with Powtoon?

Sure, you can create any style of video from scratch, customize ready-made templates, and edit existing videos in your My Powtoons library.


Does each team member need to have a Powtoon profile to watch Powtoon videos?

No. Even though a member doesn't have a Powtoon license, he or she can still watch videos and comment in their channel or chat.


Who has the ability to edit a Powtoon video that I shared?

Professionals use the integration to make standout social media content, animated presentations and logos, as well as videos resumes, infographics, announcements, etc.


If I already have a Powtoon account, will I be able to use it in Microsoft Teams?

Yes, as long as your Powtoon account is the same as your Microsoft Teams account and vice versa.

Streamline your video creation and
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